Senior Nominees: Collin Periatt

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Senior Nominees: Collin Periatt

Victorianna Beels, Copy Editor/ Business Manager

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Q: What would it mean to you if you got elected as the homecoming king of the 2019-2020 school year?

A: It would be amazing just to be nominated for that.


Q: What motivated you to run for homecoming king?

A: I didn’t get to do it for any other years, and it would be cool for a senior year kind of a thing.


Q: Have you ever been elected for court before?

A: No, I never ran.


Q: What did you do to get people to vote for you?

A: Just asked around; posted on snapchat, all that.


Q: Besides yourself, who do you think has a greater chance of winning?

A: Probably Connor. He is charismatic and really nobody doesn’t like him.


Q: Who do you want to be your homecoming queen? Why?

A: Aysha, she definitely deserves it.