Homecoming Court: Maximiliano Patino-Moreno


Carter Genslak

Maximiliano Patino-Moreno

Carter Genslak, News Editor & Photo Editor

Maximiliano Patino-Moreno


Q:What does being a court member mean to you?

A: “It means a lot,  I get to represent the freshman grade.”


Q: Were you confident that you were going to be chosen?

A: “Yes, Jamie is friends with a lot of people.”


Q: What did you do to get people to vote for you?

A:  “I posted on my snapchat story.”


Q: Who would you like to thank?
A: “I would like to thank Jamie and my mom.”


Q: Do you there was a lot of competition?

A: “No, not for freshman.”


Q: What made you a good choice as a court member?

A: “Me and Jamie express love and everybody knows.”


Q: What motivated you to run?

A: “Jamie seemed happy and wanted me to run.”