Homecoming Court: Jamie Vergara


Jamie Vergara

Carter Genslak, News Editor & Photo Editor

Jamie Vergara


Q: What does being a court member mean to you 

A: “It is really important and a big achievement.”


Q: Were you confident that you were going to be chosen?

A: “No, half and half. There were a lot of people running against me.”


Q: What did you do to get people to vote for you?

A: “I put it on my Snapchat story.”


Q: Who would you like to thank?

A: “Thank all my friends, partner and family.”


Q: Do you think there was a lot of competition?

A: “Definitely.”


Q: What made you a good choice as a court member?

A: “Being very nice to people and the High School experience.”


Q: What motivated you to run?

A: “My friends.”