Dear LCN: Trick-or-Treating Age

Brenna Filbey, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Features Editor

Dear LCN:

   Remember when we were kids and had just come home from trick-or-treating? It was maybe around eight-thirty/ nine o’clock at night, and our parents would be handing out the last bits of candy when a group of super tall kids-who looked way older than “trick-or-treating age”- would come to the door to get candy. After they would leave, one or both parents would comment: “They look a little too old to be doing that.”

   I stopped trick-or-treating around ninth grade. My reasons? Too cold, the candy handed out in my neighborhood was not worth it, and it almost always rained. Not to mention that my parents were the type who would decorate the car and try to follow me around which was really annoying until I wanted to go home.

   Obviously, I’m not trying to tell everyone to stop trick-or-treating. I think that dressing up and being a kid is still fun, because let’s be honest, most high school students are stressed, and we need to remember to be kids once in a while. However, seniors: as much as I would love to get free candy, we’re seventeen and eighteen now. We look older than say, a sixth grader, or even an eleventh grader, and maybe we should leave the free candy to the little kids. We can do other things that they can’t yet: parties (the “big kid” kind), watch horror movies with friends, legal Halloween pranks, sleep, Scarefest, passing out candy, walking around with your little sibling or cousins to be nice. Plus, parents will appreciate being able to relax after a long work week.

   Overall, the decision is up to you but just remember to be polite and kind to everyone around you. Be safe on Halloween night!