Dear LCN: Mental Health Days

The LCN Counseling Office provides extra info and help for those who are struggling.

Brenna Filbey

The LCN Counseling Office provides extra info and help for those who are struggling.

Brenna Filbey, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Features editor

Dear LCN: 

   Mental health days should be excused absences, but only under severe circumstances. Mental health is very important, and it’s something that schools should be more aware of.

   After my mom passed away, I missed a month or two of school. Now, obviously the school has special absences for circumstances such as these, but what happens after? The mental effects of a loved one’s death or a tragic event don’t just go away. The person who this event affected will deal with the aftermath for the rest of their lives.

   Don’t get me wrong, it does get better, and eventually it will be okay. But finding that new normal of family life, how to balance everything, and trying to get there is very challenging. All people grieve differently, so death, or any event(a tragic event) is processed differently. Of course the psychological effects are different as well. Depression comes with the territory of an event such as a death. Levels of severity all depend on the person. However, all the school system offers is counseling, and no kid really wants to be pulled out of class to be talked to about something most would rather forget.

   The thing is, the school doesn’t account for the really, really bad days. The ones where all someone can do is think about the event, the ones where the night before you were awake the entire night, and the ones where all you want to do is sleep or stay in bed and be left alone. All of these things go hand-in-hand with depression and/or the aftermath of any tragedy, and personally, I think schools should work with the students and their families to help the student cope. I’m not saying that everyone should get these, nor do I think that someone should have special treatment; however, the circumstances should be taken into account, and options could be discussed with the Principle about individual students. The students would need proof (don’t fake it (don’t skip because you have a test tomorrow)), and the days would not count against them for graduation credits.

  With that being said, there are many things to consider, but just ask yourself: What If?