Joker Review

The Psychological Mind of One of the Most Iconic Supervillains


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Joaquin Phoenix posing as Joker (Arthur Fleck).

Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Co-Editor-in-Chief


Joker: the well-known maniac who has a constant streak of murders up his sleeves. His twisted personality that enables him to cynically mimic innocent human beingsthat is because, he himself, represents the unimaginable things a human being normally cannot do. Could he even be considered a human without having the basic principles of human nature? Joker is the all-time genius who generates himself as a criminal mastermind. 

   Todd Phillip, director of the

Joker is the all-time genius who generates himself as a criminal mastermind. ”

— Nayely Espinoza-Perez

most recent Joker movie called “Joker”, has pulled the audience into Joker’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Having Joaquin Phoenix star as Joker, the population is fascinated with his acting skills. The movie aired in movie theaters on October 4, 2019. The psychological film focuses solely on Joker
not so much of how he is insane, but more so on why he has lost his sanity. 

   During the film, we learn that Joker’s dream is to become a comedian. This is because his mother, Penny, tells him that he was meant to bring joy to the world. In an early scene, we see Joker working as a clown. With a clown costume, he is spinning a sign for a store. Here, a few teenagers steal the sign, and Joker runs after them; however, the teenagers end up beating up Joker. 

   Additionally, while on a bus, a little kid looks back at Joker sitting on a seat. The kid looks quite upset, and Joker makes an attempt to make funny faces in efforts to make the child smile. Even though the Joker did accomplish cheering up the kid, the kid’s mother thinks that the Joker is bothering him and asks the Joker to leave her son alone. This is where the audience is introduced to a significant medical condition that makes the Joker laugh uncontrollably: Pseudobulbar Affect.

   Pseudobulbar Affect is a disorder in which the Joker’s emotional expression (laughing) is a disparity far from his emotional experience. Every time the Joker laughs unwillingly, it portrays that he is feeling upset, angry, or anxious. 

   By the same token, the audience finds out that Joker has many mental illnesses. Jason Duaine Hahn, author of “Did You See ‘Joker’? Here’s the Real-Life Medical Condition Behind His Uncontrollable Laugh”, states, “Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a man struggling with a variety of mental illnesses that keeps him from finding acceptance in a city that is slowly slipping into chaos itself.” 

   The constant rejection from society eventually triggers a lack of empathy and a concern to distinguish of what is right or wrong within Joker. 

   “Joker” is a two-hour long movie. However, due to the inclining streak line of entertainment provided by the movie and its vivid, astonishing scenes, time is a variable that is immediately forgotten. “Joker” has already made more than 477 million in worldwide ticket sales after less than a month in theaters, and according to google, 93% of people have liked this movie. If this doesn’t tell you how good the performance is executed in “Joker”, then you should go watch it to see for yourself! 

   Ultimately, the film has the people become hypnotized by Joker’s insane personality.