A Pro Sports Equinox! What About an LCN Sports Equinox?


Shane Sellers

All four major sports in downtown Detroit. There has never been a Detroit Sports Equinox.

Shane Sellers, Sports Editor

During a month where the weather starts to get cold and dreary, sports fans gear up for the best month in sports. October, specifically the end of October, is where the best phenomenon occurs: the famed “Sports Equinox”.

What’s the Sports Equinox? It’s the most magical time of the year for sports fans. Baseball is reaching its peak in the World Series, hockey is settling in, football is humming along, and don’t look now, but basketball is BACK. And on October 27 of this month, we had the best day of the year.

Ryan Lapierre ‘20 described it best by expressing, “I sat on my couch from noon to midnight. It was 12 hours of switching between channels and seeing every pro sport in one day.”

This was the only day this year that all four major U.S. sports will play on the same day in 2019. Baseball is coming to a close, and winter weather is close behind it.

For high school sports and LCN, this phenomenon is never completely possible with these sports. Football is a fall sport, basketball and hockey are played in the winter, and baseball occurs in the spring. Per MHSAA guidelines, seasons never overlap so high school sports fans must be creative for how to experience more than one game in a day. Just in the fall season, LCN had eight varsity sports and a sideline cheer team.

On Wednesday, August 28, five different sports had games that day. Same on September 5 and September 13. You get the point. LCN has busy sports seasons and Sports Equinoxes are very well possible, just not the ones that are revered about in professional sports.

Now that we are transitioning into the winter season, there will be more opportunities for sports fans to geek out. Ryan Burns ‘20, said, “Basketball tryouts are coming up and then the new season starts.”

With the winter season coming up, there should be plenty of dates where some combination of basketball, bowling, cheer, dance, ice hockey, swim, and wrestling are all competing on the same day.