The New and Improved School Store

Michael Yuschak, Guest Writer

The LCN school store has been operating this year since Crusader Day, bringing many great changes for everyone. The school store offers a wide range of products such as food, drinks,and apparel (from many big name brands).

The school store sells food items such as candy, popcorn, and Dippin Dots. They also sell many different types of drinks such as Bang energy drinks, Arnold Palmers, pop (Faygo,Coke,and Mountain Dew), and coffee.

The LCN school store has come a long way from where it started. It now offers more popular brand apparel such as Champion, Nike, and Under Armour. The amount of LCN apparel worn around the school has skyrocketed since the new styles and brands have been released. They offer all sizes anyone would need for both males or females.

This year, there is a new teacher running the school store, Mr. Joshua Lamberti. Prior to coming to our school, he ran the school store at Holly High School for five years, and Madison High School for one year. He has a lot of experience with business management with school stores that he brings with him to our store. Now, with someone running the school store who has prior experience, they have moved the store from the old location near the math hallway to the new-and-improved location in the cafeteria, making it more accessible to students. With that, the rules for the store have changed recently. They will only be allowed to sell competitive foods (foods that either are very sugary/unhealthy or that are similar to the lunches the school provides) two days a week. Not only is the school store open during all lunches, but it is also open every morning and during many after school activities such as sporting events and parent teacher conferences.

Lamberti noted there will be some other changes throughout the rest of the year in the school store. A big change in the store is the use of prepackaged goods. Another huge change in the school store is the new employees.

Finally, another big change in the school store is they now are online as well. There is a website that any student/parent may access to purchase any of the items sold in the school store. The website can be found at .

Lamberti has seen great success with these changes. He says, “Our sales have skyrocketed from last year, with our current revenue equal to half of all sales last year.” Lamberti continues, “Our unique blend of employees brings insight into what products will be successful.”

A big thing customers may be wondering is where is all the profits from the school store are going? Every penny that is spent in the school store goes back into the store to get the new and popular items that all students will enjoy such as new apparel, new food, and new drinks.

In the upcoming months, look for the many different promotions and sales that will be going on in the school store.

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