Why the Volleyball Assembly is More Important Than it Appears


Do all LCN athletes truly play together? Photo Credit: Victorianna Beels

Victorianna Beels, Copy Editor/ Business Manager


   Historically, the only high school sport that matters is football. The football team, although they do not have the best record, gathers the most attention by students and staff members throughout the school. As of Monday, November 4th, this is hopefully finally beginning to change.

   This past Monday, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team was given an assembly to showcase the amazing season that they have had thus far. The girls are rocking out an undefeated season with high hopes of winning districts tonight. Because of this, the girls were given an assembly for their hard work.

   It makes many students excited to see that there are steps being made to recognize more sports that truly deserve it. Nick Wehby, ‘20, stated, “The girls put in so much work, and it is nice that it is finally getting recognized.”

   Although many students enjoy the newfound excitement surrounding different sports, there are still some things that just aren’t really fair. For example, the LCN Girls Varsity Swim team went undefeated, won MAC Blue, and had six girls qualify for the Division I State Meet in 2017, but those girls were never celebrated for this accomplishment. Last school year, the Girls Archery team competed in the Michigan High School Archery Association Championship Tournament and placed first in the state, but they were never celebrated for this incredible accomplishment. Both the Girls and Boys Varsity Bowling teams qualified for their state championships during the 2018-2019 winter season.

   Kylie Rudolph, ‘22, who competed on the Girls Archery team last school year, expressed her opinion on the assembly: “I feel that volleyball and the bigger sports get a lot of recognition for what they do, but not so much the other clubs or sports. The archery team got a first for the state of Michigan in high school divisions, but didn’t get any recognition.”

   Thank you to LCN administration for finally giving some deserved recognition to the volleyball team- a team that has accomplished great things during their season. Hopefully, there will be more celebrations in the future surrounding teams and clubs- who have also had amazing feats during their seasons.