Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra Returns From Out of Nowhere


Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra Photo Credit: Tori Beels

Victorianna Beels, Copy Editor/ Business Manager

   Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), a popular rock band from the ‘70s, is making a comeback upon the release of their truly out of nowhere album From Out of Nowhere.

ELO’s newest release: From Out of Nowhere Photo Credit: Tori Beels

   The English rock band, originally formed by Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood, and Bev Bevan has been making a slow comeback into the rock world since 2001 with the release of their first album since 1986, Zoom. Fourteen years later, their next hit album was released, Alone in the Universe, followed by their newest release From Out of Nowhere.

   ELO, still lead by Lynne has also been on tour in the last two years. Their 2018 tour was their first U.S tour in 35 years. Following up from a remarkable run of sold-out tours across Europe and America, Lynne released the 14th ELO album on November 1st, still rocking out just as amazing as he did nearly 50 years ago. “I don’t know what happened,” Lynne told Variety about his touring commitments. “I just got talked into it by somebody on the radio [in 2013] – it was for charity, and we only had two numbers. That’s all we practiced for, so we had to do ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ twice, because we hadn’t learned enough songs for the encore. But it went down so great that then the BBC invited us to the Hyde Park concert for Radio 2 [in 2014], and that’s what got us started, really.”

Jaden Strait,‘20 stated, “I loved the concert. It is one of the best ones I have ever seen.”

   As does its predecessor, Alone in the Universe, From Out of Nowhere is a completely new album showing off new facets to the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers signature sound. The new album, like many previous, features Lynne playing nearly every note of music recorded on the guitars, bass, piano, drums, keyboards, vibes, as well as singing all of the lead and layered vocals.

   Although ELO is just an obscure, ‘70s rock band, a few students at LCN are active listeners of the band. Luke Horne, ‘20 stated, “I was bored in personal finance freshman year and found it searching through YouTube. I watched the animated video for Mr. Blue Sky and decided that I needed to listen to more of this.”

   As the band was the most popular throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, they are old school now as well. The majority of listeners listened to the tune on vinyl. From 1970-1983, ELO sold over 50 million records worldwide. Today, they continue to sell all of their albums on vinyl.


   If rock music is your thing, Electric Light Orchestra is definitely a band to check out. Their new and old albums are available on Apple Music, Spotify, and on CD or Vinyl.

The cover of From Out of Nowhere Photo Credit: Tori Beels
Back cover of From Out of Nowhere Photo Credit: Tori Beels

Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra – From Out of Nowhere Tracklist

  1. “From Out of Nowhere”
  2. “Help Yourself”
  3. “All My Love”
  4. “Down Came the Rain”
  5. “Losing You”
  6. “One More Time”
  7. “Sci-Fi Woman”
  8. “Goin’ Out On Me”
  9. “Time of Our Life”
  10. “Songbird”
Jammin’ out! Photo Credit: Tori Beels