Caitlin O’Malley Signs With Butler University


Caitlin O'Malley

Carter Genslak, News & Photo Editor

Q: What sport are you going for and what college?


A: I am going to Butler University to play soccer


Q: How long have you been playing this sport?


A: I have played soccer for 9 years


Q: How did you get this scholarship? Contact a Coach? Tour the University? Meet the team? Coach watch you play?


A:  Yes, the Coach came and watched me play, I toured the campus and met the team.


Q: When and why did you make the decision that you wanted to play college sports?


A: I verbally committed the summer going into my sophomore year. I knew I wanted to play College soccer, Because i didn’t want to stop doing what I love.


Q: Describe how big this commitment is and how you plan to balance the student/athlete life.


A: This will be a big commitment, Basically a full time job on top of school. I plan to balance my busy schedule with good time management.