Grace Miller Signs With Wisconsin- Green Bay

Carter Genslak, News & Photo Editor

Q: What sport are you going for and what college?


A: I’m going to play soccer at the university of Wisconsin- Green Bay.


Q: How long have you been playing this sport?


A: I’ve been playing since I was six.


Q: How did you get this scholarship? Contact a Coach? Tour the University? Meet the team? Coach watch you play?


A: My Coach had watched me play a few times before, and offered me a Scholarship when I went to one of their summer camps.


Q: When and why did you make the decision that you wanted to play college sports?


A: I made the decision to play college soccer when I was in 8th grade, because I knew I loved the sport so much and I wanted to compete at a higher level.


Q: Describe how big this commitment is and how you plan to balance the student/athlete life.


A: This is a huge commitment because in college sports your training 2-3 times a day as well as going to class, and traveling pretty much every weekend. I’ve been balancing my school and sports well for many years already so I plan on continuing to do it the way I’ve always been.