Hannah Gurecki Signs With Wayne State


Hannah Gurecki

Gurecki celebrating the continuation of her swimming career with her family.

Victorianna Beels, Copy Editor/ Business Manager

What sport are you going for and what college?

I am going to be swimming at Wayne State University (WSU).

How long have you been playing this sport?

I have been swimming competitively for four years.  

Did you get a scholarship? 

I am receiving an academic scholarship from WSU. 

How did you get this opportunity to continue this sport in college?

I have worked hard since the moment I began to swim, and dreamed of being able to continue my career past high school. Opportunity comes when you work for it. 

When and why did you make the decision that you wanted to continue this sport in college?

I made the decision officially after my recruiting trip. I knew I wanted to swim in college, but I needed to experience the team’s atmosphere and spend more time with the coaches to solidify it. 

Describe how big this commitment is and how you plan to balance the student/athlete life.

This is a very big commitment to be a student/athlete. I plan to stay on top of my studies, while balancing a tight schedule with many practices throughout the week, by being organized and keeping my goals in mind.