Winter Date Ideas

The Guide to Relieve Yourself From boredom



Nayely Espinoza-Perez, '20, and Salina Catilano, '20 at Detroit Zoo Lights

Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

NOTE: These winter date ideas are for everyone. This includes any group of friends and/or family members—you don’t have to have a special someone to go on dates with! 

Skating: Figure out when open skating is, and hold hands with your significant other while you laugh with and at each other as you guys might be falling a couple times. Some may not be good at skating, but it’s about having a fun time and enjoying the silly moments! 

Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo: Yes, go to the zoo and witness all sorts of Christmas lights and  decorations. This is a perfect time to drink some warm, hot chocolate and walk around with your loved one, looking at 280 sculptures. This is totally a good chance to take pictures with amazing light displays! This event will start on November 16 to January 5. 

Detroit tree lighting: This event is FREE, and it will be held on November 22. You can witness the tree lighting with your loved one, and you can even enjoy seeing live performances inside the heated winter lodge tent. Make sure to arrive early enough to be able to get closer to the tree. Everyone is welcomed, and everyone can walk around to stores in downtown Detroit.  

Partridge Creek: For those who don’t want to drive far for the Wild Lights and the Detroit tree lighting, Partridge is the perfect place, and it is also another excuse to go shopping. Bring your significant other and warm up each other as you walk around the plaza. 

Christmas shopping: Shopping with your significant other is a great way to shop for you friends that you share, and you can get a second opinion on the gifts you are planning to buy for someone. Shopping is already a hassle during holidays, but bringing your lover along definitely makes it much more easier and enjoyable. If both of you guys are having a difficult time trying to figure out what to get each other, as you’re going around each store, hint your S.O.!

Hockey games: You don’t have to go to an NHL game, it can be a local or college hockey team. This is a great date for those who love the sport, not to mention that it is inexpensive. 

 Looking at ice sculptures:  Ice may not be everyone’s favorite when on the road, however, ice sculptures are a whole different story. Ice is the main material that makes up these sculptures, which definitely take skills to build, and being part of the whole process to see the outcome can be entertaining.  

Helping the needy: Helping the needy with your significant other is a fulfilling feeling that both of you can share. What’s better than helping those who are in need? Perhaps, spend an evening making bags with necessities and hand them out to those who need them. Consider volunteering at a soup kitchen, and contribute to feeding the people. This activity may not focus solely on you and your S.O., but it sure does feel good to have a partner who is willing to give back with you. 

Local bookstore or library: With exams slowly making their way to students, you can get a head start on studying for them, perhaps make study notes for each unit for each class. Now, going to a bookstore date doesn’t mean you have to study for exams, you can also work on homework, projects, or essays. If you are in a relationship where you both are busy with school worth, perhaps A.P. classes, this could be a good date idea because you guys are being productive, yet share the presence of one another and help each other out. Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Panera, Biggby Coffee, or any coffee shop are great places to go. 

Try anything new- craft, knitting, cooking, etc.: If you guys have done pretty much everything, perhaps consider doing something out of your comfort zone. Try out a cooking or craft classes, going to theaters and public performances. Sometimes trying something new can end up becoming one of the hobbies you and your S.O. both share. Embrace new things!

Go to a Christmas shop and look around: Embrace the Christmas spirit and go to a Christmas shop. You’ll come to find cute ornaments, delicious treats, and Christmas essentials that you might buy. Going to a Christmas shop may not seem as exciting, but the atmosphere created gets everyone in a jolly mood.   

Bowling:  Looking for double date ideas? Bowling is a fun activity. There’s food and an arcade there, not to mention that this is an inside activity, so you don’t have to be outside in the freezing cold.  Try to call and find out when their open bowling starts and if there are any deals going on. 

Gingerbread houses: This is another inside activity (I know the freezing weather isn’t always fun to be around, your welcome). Go to any local grocery store, and purchase a gingerbread house kit, and see who can build the best gingerbread house. Turn on some Christmas music, drink some hot chocolate, and start the fun! 

Wrap Presents Together: You guys may not have all your Christmas presents, but start wrapping them while watching a movie. 

Bonfire Time: Make a bonfire outside and cuddle up to your S.O. or if you have a chimney at home, make sure to use it to your advantage. You can roast some marshmallows and make chocolate melting smores. Mmm, doesn’t the thought of it make you hungry? 

Sledding: Sledding offers a great work out, and if you and your S.O. love the outdoors, this is your ideal date. Additionally, if one or both of you guys have dogs, like huskies, can make this activity more fun, and your dog gets some fun from it too.