Shop ’til You Drop: Black Friday Tips and Tricks

Brenna Filbey, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Features Editor

   Black Friday is one of the most important “Holidays” in America. Some Americans disagree with the idea of Black Friday and feel it overshadows the importance of Thanksgiving. However, those of you who like to shop, you might find these little tips and tricks helpful.



  • Go on Thanksgiving:


After eating yourself into a food coma, get a few hours rest and wear comfy clothes. Next, get your coupons, good shoes and prepare to shop ‘til you drop. Most stores offer really good deals on Thanksgiving, so at least you’ll get first dibs.



  • Go after you eat:


Like I said, make sure you eat first. Go when you’re full, that way you are less likely to need lots of time to eat. When you do get hungry, buy or bring a snack to eat on the go. The more shopping time, the better.



  • Have a system:


Another good trick is to only leave little things for Friday. Plus, most stores will price match. Only buy things you need, and now is a great time to buy Christmas gifts. Set a system where a run to the car might seem smart (to drop off heavy bags).



  • Bring a friend/go in a group:


It’s always good to go in a group. You’ll stay safe, have more fun, and have shopping companions. Plus that way, if you have to split up, you could use the buddy system.



  • Only go to the stores that are a MUST:


Save time, energy, and money by only going to the stores you know you need something from. Always read the papers and deals that come on Thanksgiving morning: that way you can scope out the best deals. Apps are also useful: Groupon, is one example. Also make sure to check emails/ text messages for coupons and deals.



  • Go early:


Make sure you plan time accordingly. Budget your time responsibly, and that way you’ll get the best deals possible. The deals are crazy and so are the holiday shoppers.





I once witnessed two women fighting over a Barbie Camper on Black Friday, and as funny as that was, don’t be that person. Be respectful and nice to have a better and safer shopping experience. Being polite will also likely result in better help from a happier sales associate.


  • Some stores are open at midnight still:


Example? Walmart. They open PALLETS of stuff later, and they have huge deals. So, if you’re looking for great deals and early Christmas gifts, that’s definitely a good place to hit. Other stores could include JCPenny and Kohls.