Leah Bieniewicz Signs With Oakland University

Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Leah Bieniewicz will play softball at OU.

What sport are you going for and what college?

I am going to Oakland University to play Softball.

How long have you been playing this sport?

Since I was four years old, so 12 years.

How did you get a scholarship?

My travel Softball coach got me in contact with them [the school’s coach], and they came and watched a few of my games

When and why did you make the decision that you wanted to play college sports? 

I always knew because I couldn’t imagine myself not playing any sports

Describe how big this commitment is and how you plan to balance the student/athlete life

It’s going to be tough balancing nursing school and sports, but I’m really happy where I am, and I’ve learned a lot of balancing skills.