Female Fights for Success

LCN Student Jaida Golden hopes to be the next WWE wrestler.

Liv Briggs, Opinions Editor

   Do you ever talk about your dream job, and someone tells you “It’s called a dream job for a reason”.

   Do you ever have those people who tell you how unrealistic your dream job is?  Or that it’s a strange job to have? Well, so does Jaida Golden, who has a unique profession in mind for the future: professional wrestling!  “I want to be a wrestler for the WWE!” she says.

   “I just knew immediately that it was something I wanted to do,” says Golden.

   She says she grew up watching WWE wrestling with her family.

   “I do know that it is a lot of work though!” she laughs. 

   Her favorite wrestlers include Finn Bálor, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. She also loves the Divas, so obviously she would love to become a Diva. Her favorite Divas are Becky Lynch, Natalya, Maryse, Carmella, and Naomi. One day, she wants to win a Raw Women’s Championship belt or the Smackdown Women’s Championship belt, or both!

   All WWE wrestlers have theme songs, and she said she would choose Demi Lovato’s Confident as hers. “I want to prove them wrong. I just knew that it was what I want, no matter how much work it will be.” She knows that a lot of people might not know a lot about wrestling or think it’s an unrealistic job, but she also wants to prove those people wrong! 

   She also says that she loves her name and wouldn’t change it for a different wrestling name.

   “Maybe if I got nicknamed something and I liked it. But I love my name, Jaida is so unique, credit to my Nana, and come on – Golden!” she smiles. 

   Golden also wrestles with her little cousin and brother at home. “Obviously I’m bigger than them, so I always win – but my cousin is pretty strong for a 3 year old,” 

   Golden also has a very unique philosophy on life. “If too many things are negative, at least one thing will be positive.”

   Golden also has a Quote of the Week every week, mostly positive and sometimes funny! For example, last week was,“The less you give a crap, the happier you will be.” 

   This, she explained, meant that if you don’t care so much about everyone else and what they do, and focus on yourself, the better and happier you will be.

   “I know people will look at me, and say that it’s ‘unrealistic’ and it will ‘never happen’, I will still try. I’m going to train hard. I’m going to prove them wrong!” She exclaims. Golden is currently a dancer. “Dancing helps keep me in shape. It makes me more flexible. That’s how I always beat my cousin!” she laughs. 

   So, even if people tell you that your dream job is “just a dream”, or “unrealistic”, you never stop trying. You work for it, even if it is a hard job, like being a wrestler. 

Becky Lynch from WWE.


Natalya from WWE.


Naomi from WWE.


Maryse from WWE.


Carmella from WWE.