Racing Towards Success

LCN Student Athlete Does It All Academically and Athletically


Neil Leverenz

Jarrett Geddes running in a cross country meet.

Dominic Comfort, Guest Writer

“My number one goal in life right now is to make it into U of M… as long as I get to go to school there in Ann Arbor, I will be happy,” says Jarrett Geddes – junior, star Varsity athlete, honors student, link crew leader, and Science National Honor Society member all rolled into one.

Geddes has taken the responsibilities of all these roles to heart. Some students pursue a 4.0 GPA, some pursue greatness within a sport, and others pursue prestigious entry into factions such as national honor societies. Every day at LCN, Geddes pursues them all. In the fall, he is one of the top cross country runners at LCN. A 2 time MVP, he holds one of the top performances a freshman from LCN has ever had. After his taxing running season, he turns around and does it all again in the pool. “Going into swim after cross country is very rough after running hard for 9 straight months. It’s really difficult to get back into swimming again because I get so rusty, but that’s why I work so hard at practice to get where I need to be,” he says.

During the 2018 swim season, Geddes qualified for the Macomb County Swim meet in the 100 yard breast stroke, 50 yard free, and 100 hard fly. He was also awarded the “Team Workhorse” award, and a “Perfect Attendance” trophy.

As the seasons change, so do Geddes’s ambitions, shifting gears from one taxing sport to another. “Going from swim to track is even harder, because every mile I run destroys my legs since I have absolutely no time to run in the winter due to my heavy workload and 3 hour swim practices.”

A top-quality track runner, last spring Geddes ran 4:55 in the mile, and split 2:06 for a half mile in LCN’s fastest 4x800m relay team finish (8:25) since the school record set in 1985 (8:10). “It takes a long time for my legs to get used to the heavy mileage again,” says Geddes, regarding the adversity he overcomes each spring.

“It’s another way to look good when applying (for colleges) in the future”, stated the athlete, as he begins to shift into the role of honors scholar.

Geddes, who is currently third in the junior class and holds a GPA of 4.106, is a member of the National Honor Society, the MST Science National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Link Crew.  A truly stacked resume, Geddes also tutors students after school and helps guide freshmen through high school as a member of link crew, all while toggling countless honors classes. “I love tutoring because I really enjoy helping people, and I actually benefit greatly from trying to remember all the information I have learned,” he shared.

With humble attitude, Geddes’s downplays parts of his staggered resume. “In terms of link crew, I do enjoy interacting with the freshmen, but the amount of time it takes is really not that much…while I am involved in lots of activities, I always make sure to put my schoolwork first.”

At the end of the day, as he settles down from long hours of running or swimming practices, and even longer hours of schoolwork, Geddes is perhaps one of the most ambitious, captivating, and hardworking people to pass through LCN, His name is stamped twice on the ‘LCN MOST VALUEABLE ATHLETES’ board under ‘Boys Cross Country’ to prove it. No matter what life throws at him, Geddes will keep churning out goals. Geddes says his goals are “making states in the 4x800m relay during track, qualifying for an individual MISCA cut in swim, scoring at least a 1400 on my SAT in December, and finishing top 3 in the class.”

Those who know him, know he is surely a character you cannot forget. “Overall I am content with the person I am and believe that I’m the best person I can be.”