Essentially Delaney Hoffman


Monica Warren

Delaney Hoffman works on a new design idea.

Nina Goodwin, Guest Writer

With a mind full of sketches and designs, LCN senior Delaney Hoffman got to work for her Graphic Arts and Design Technology class, taught by Michael Hintze at the Pankow Center. She had the opportunity of creating the holiday packaging for the South London based essential oil company, Tisserand.

The mechanics of it all were very complex, at least to someone who has never taken a Graphic Design class. “We had to come up with thumbnail design rough-sketches, and they gave us a list of scents that we could base the designs off of. After that, we created a color rough, and lastly, we would do the final drafts,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman herself created over twenty sketches in hopes of one of her designs being chosen by Tisserand. Only a few of the students’ artwork, all from Hintze’s classes, would be selected.
While working on the designs, Hoffman experienced some difficulties. She expressed, “Making designs that were unique enough to stand out compared to everyone else’s was an obstacle I had to overcome.”

Everyone who took this class had to produce designs, so in order to be chosen, it was a matter of who created the most distinctive ones.

Despite those obstacles, Hoffman says that coming up with designs was her favorite component and, “actually putting pen to paper,” is what she loved about Graphic Design.

She plans on pursuing a career in this field of work. Hoffman stated, “What I get to do in Graphic Design combines all my favorite aspects of art.”

Hoffman enjoyed being able to work with a real business, rather than just another in-class project. She said, “It was interesting, I got to see what the company did with designers, and how they treated them. It was very insightful, [they treated the class] very respectful, professional, and kind.”

Hoffman seemed surprised when the company treated them well since she had been taught that businesses usually try to take advantage of artists. It was an eye-opening experience to something that she may have to deal with in her future career.

Hoffman was excited that Tisserand picked her class to design their product artwork, “It was very fulfilling.”

Hoffman is still waiting to hear if her designs were chosen to be on the holiday packaging of the products. Either way, she is still satisfied with the outcome. Hoffman is glad that Tisserand and Hintze have provided her with an opportunity to engage in product artwork for a real business.