The Future Travels of Mrs. Esshaki



LCN teacher Mrs. Esshaki.

Nicholas Wehby, Guest Writer

From a superior state to a romantic city on the opposite side of the world, one LCN teacher will soon begin a new chapter in her life, whilst leaving a legacy.

Sheila Esshaki, is a loving, caring High School – North teacher who has made an impact on the staff and students since she first started working at the school 12 years ago.

Esshaki was born in Michigan, but she’s no stranger to exploring the world to see the true beauty on this Earth. She has lived in many places that most of us dream of visiting from Venezuela, to Turkey, and even Egypt. Now, she’s planting her roots in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Esshaki is moving due to her husband receiving a job offer, but she’s not letting that get in the way of “expanding her horizons, and is going along for the ride.”

She also said, “There is so much to see, so many people to meet, so much good food to try. I want to experience them all.”

While Esshaki is there for her first year, she is going to explore as much as she can. Once the year is over, she will begin teaching at the International School of Prague (ISP). Esshaki said, “I want to do something that pushes my thinking, challenges me, allows me to live in a magical, romantic city, and generally makes me a stronger teacher.”

Esshaki can make any scenario into something truly magical. This city didn’t mean anything to her, but now it does. She said, “It’s one of the most enchanting cities I have ever seen.”

As Esshaki’s time counts down at LCN, she gives us some real, truthful, and heartfelt words: “I have one life and I’m getting older, and you never know what will happen, and unfortunately, as we age good schools don’t like to hire us teachers so we have to do this now, or it’s never!”

Esshaki has made a huge impact on the staff and students at LCN with her open door policy and no questions asked. She is truly an amazing person inside and out with only a love-filled heart. It is now her time to make an impact somewhere else and spread positivity and love around the world.

Once she leaves, LCN will never be the same again because there is going to be a hole in this family that can never be filled or replaced. All of the staff and students will deeply miss Esshaki, and all of Crusader Nation, wish her the best of luck in her travels and that she won’t forget us because we could never forget her.