“Sister Act” Review


Dominic Comfort

The students perform during Sister Act.

Dominic Comfort, Guest Writer

On November 21st through the 23rd, the LCN Theatre program presented the musical “Sister Act” at JAPAC (John Armstrong Performing Arts Center). The musical told the story of Broadway singer Deloris Van Cartier played by Chariel Showers ‘23, who is caught up in a life of lights and glamour, until she is forced to take upon a new identity as a nun, as part of a witness protection program after witnessing murder.

The conflicting lifestyles of Deloris’s ‘show-biz’ personality, and the nun’s modesty and religion, create lots of memorable dialogue. With a bright and bubbly personality, lead Showers brought lots of heart into the musical and helps you to connect with and become emotionally invested in Deloris Van Cartier and the rest of the characters. Deloris’s counterpart, Mother Superior played by Sarah Switzer ‘20, only added to this personality-clash, as she is the head of the church; and determined to keep things conservative and modest. Switzer and Showers had great chemistry on stage, and played off of each other well.

Rounding out the rest of the cast, the mobster and main villain pursuing Deloris after she witnessed him commit murder, Mr. Curtis (Evan Ostling ‘20), and his goons, TJ (Jeffrey Taszreak ‘22), Pablo (Antonio Davis ‘20), and Joey (Lucas Thieme ‘22), all helped to create a light hearted and comedic ‘bad guy’ presence in the musical.

As Deloris becomes a mainstay in the church, she teaches the nuns how to sing and perform in her style, much to the dismay of Mother Superior. Junior Megan Houlihan, who played Sister Mary Robert, had a great role in which Deloris bonded with her and helped her to find her voice. Freshman Jaylon Davis shone through with his role as Monsignor O’Hara, who upsets Mother Superior by agreeing with the nun’s now flashy and vegas-esque choir performance. Seeing him groove with the rhythm of all the songs the nuns sang just brought more energy and comedy to the play.

Another role which stole the show was junior Armando Crespo as Eddie the policeman. Eddie, an insecure cop with self-esteem issues and a crush on Deloris, feels that nobody takes him seriously or sees who he really is. This leads to a ridiculously fun solo where Eddie suddenly breaks out into a superstar, lamenting all his hopes and dreams in the song “I Could Be That Guy”.

The music in “Sister Act” really helps to move the musical along, with flashy lights (a disco ball was even used on stage), rhythm, and dancing. The play had very little low points, other than perhaps dragging slightly during Act Two. The play comes to its climax when Mobster Curtis finds Deloris in church, and is about to shoot her, but Eddie the policeman finally steps up and takes out Curtis himself, in a great callback to his struggle earlier in the play. Deloris and Mother Superior end things off by agreeing that even though they may hold different beliefs, at the end of the day they are both equal as people, and can still be “sisters”. The final scene brought lots of emotions, and helped re-affirm the idea that no matter where you come from or what you believe in, everyone is human at the end of the day.

Overall, the musical “Sister Act” was very well done. Many great performances by all of the actors and actresses involved made for a great show! Congratulations to all LCN theatre members.