Are Lululemon Leggings Worth t?


Brenna Filbey

The Lululemon store at Partridge Creek Mall.

Brenna Filbey and Victorianna Beels


By: Brenna Filbey ’20

Lululemon: the famed athletic company turned prestigious designer wear. While it is expensive, it’s worth it. The leggings not only have a life-time warranty, but the material that the luxurious leggings are made of can last years-I’ve even heard of a pair lasting a decade.

The company’s products and customer service are very good. They offer complimentary hemming services if needed when a customer buys a new pair, and the leggings have pockets. Not only is this company known for their leggings, but they also have shirts, tank tops, shoes, and just about anything and everything a person could want. The clothing has options for both men and women, and although it is considered athletic wear, it is worth the money for those who consider themselves not athletes.

The leggings have a thicker waist band which helps to slim and helps to stay at the waist without the need for pulling it up all the time. The shirts are breathable, and they can be easily worn for a workout or a special occasion. All of the clothes are machine washable with like- material, which are any sports shirts or spandex items. Also, LuLulemon has a user friendly website that makes it easy to order. As a plus, they also include free shipping and free returns to make deciding on the perfect item just that much easier.

Overall, Lululemon has a variety of clothing items, accessories, colors, and it appeals to a wide audience, making their clothing very, very worth it despite the price.



By: Victorianna Beels ’20

If you were to walk into any high school across America, you are destined to run across many examples of Lululemon apparel ranging from jackets to socks to leggings. Now you may be thinking, “Duh, girls wearing leggings is definitely not a surprise.” But what might be shocking to you is how much money is spent on these items that you could get much cheaper elsewhere.

The cheapest leggings Lulu sells begin at $88 and range in prices up to $188. Of course the higher end of these overpriced pants are not your average, run of the mill leggings that you see in everyday life, but nevertheless, this is a ridiculous price to pay for a pair of skin tight pants. The normal, black leggings you see fairly often run for roughly $100 a pair. What is the point in spending so much money on something that you can get with the same quality, but much cheaper?

Another high quality store to buy leggings is Victoria’s Secret. VS leggings run anywhere from $20 to $70, which is a noticeable price difference. These leggings are made 85% polyester and 15% elastane, both of which are high quality products that match or are close to matching those of Lulu’s, which are made of 69% nylon and 31% lycra.

Polyester and nylon are both lightweight and durable synthetic fabrics which both are wrinkle resistant, stretch resistant, shrink resistant, and have incredibly easy care. The only noticeable difference between the two fabrics are that nylon is softer while polyester is faster drying, easier to dye, and abrasion resistant. Both leggings contain a type of spandex (lycra and elastane).

The Victoria’s Secret and Lululemon leggings both have the pros of a thicker waist band and both products are machine washable.

For the price, it does not seem as though Lululemon is worth the buy. If you can get a similar to equal quality produce for a $30 price difference, what would you rather choose?