Snow Much Fun!

Michigan's Constant Changing Weather Calls for a Reminder for Safe Driving


Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

   With this new month approaching, and taking the Michigan weather into context, it is important to prepare ourselves for any type of weather. Even though Michigan has had a more favorable weather to the public during this time of year, when comparing it to previous weather conditions in the past years, the population should still drive safe, cautious, and be well aware that at any time, poor weather can take place. 

   With this current generation, young teenagers await for the moment where they receive their driver’s license; a gateway to get places, but it’s also a gateway to an open world where road rage-like dangerous driving methods, verbal insults, and physical threats-take place. Quite unaware, teens underestimate the great responsibilities they carry, not only themselves, but of others around them. By the minute, teenagers, along with adults, are becoming comfortable with driving too comfortable to the extent of it being the cause of accidents that can potentially be fatal. Learning how to drive can be exciting; however, let it not overshadow the implications it can have. 

   It is a human impulse to use what we have at hands length as a distraction when driving. According to Snyder’s Drivers, “one out of every four car accidents are caused by texting and driving.” Because society is always surrounded by technology, people have created a habit where they no longer wait to get to their destination to use their cellular device. Whether it is recording Snapchat videos, checking emails, answering phone calls, or something as simple as to checking the time, there is no justification to the use of cell phones while driving.

   Furthermore, driver education is important in order to reduce the number of deaths as a result of driving. For example, learning what to do during certain situations can prepare one for what might happen near the future. Becoming familiar with signs and rules on the road is a way to reduce someone’s chances of being involved in a car accident. Driver education teaches one to become aware that at any given moment you could be involved in an accident: a motive for a driver to be more safe, more responsible, and become more attentive while being the person behind the wheels. 

   Additionally, some steps to reduce the number of deaths related to driving include: not running a red light, merging into a highway with care, pulling into traffic slowly, always look at all directions, not tailgating, always putting the seat belt on, be courteous of other drivers, and drive slowly on snowy days. 

   Also, to make ourselves better at driving, people can perform engine maintenance regularly to have the assurance that one’s car won’t cause any incidents. Keeping phones out of sight, keeping distance, and practicing (and learning throughout) to drive in any weather conditions are a good way to be prepared, especially considering that snow can approach at any time. 

   By the same token, if you feel like you’re a good driver who has experience, you can help others  become safe on the road by correcting their mistakes, giving them all the knowledge you know about driving, and enforcing the concept that taking risks, drinking, or consuming any sorts of drugs on the road is not an option.