To The Class of 2020

Victorianna Beels, Copy Editor/ Business Manager

   On New Years Eve, my parents dropped me off to go to my first New Years party without them. We said our goodbyes and I was left with what my mom told me before I closed the car door, “The next time we see you it will be a whole new decade! It is finally your year!”

   Her saying this really made me think. Yes, I do graduate this year. Yes, it is very exciting. But there is so much more to this year than that. This is a big year for not only me, or even just for The Class of 2020 here at LCN, but it is a big year for everyone that is graduating in the United States this year.


2020 is our year to change. 


   This year, the majority of the class of 2020 will be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election. This might not seem like entirely too big of a deal to most people, but nevertheless it is incredibly important.

   Being able to vote for the president of the United States of America means that WE can finally vote for what WE want to see. WE can change what WE want to change. It truly is an incredibly powerful ability. Being able to vote in this presidential election means that YOU are going to be able to focus on the things that YOU care about and that YOU feel are important to be changed. Math, Science, and Technology (MST) teacher Mr. James Nuechterlein states, “This is their (The class of 2020) chance to shape this nation in a time I’ve never seen us more divided. We need direction; this generation will decide whether we have it and to where it leads.”

   For example, if you have been paying attention to the news in the last few decades or on any social media in the past decade, you are most likely aware of the climate change crisis. Over the next century scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have a high confidence that due to greenhouse gas producing human activity, the global temperature will rise 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century. 2.5 or even 10 degrees Fahrenheit does not sound like all too much, but it will have intense impacts on the globe if the temperature does rise by that much. 

   Temperatures will not just stop rising after this century, they will continue to rise rapidly. If the temperatures continue to rise, projections of future climate over the U.S. suggests that climate change will increase heavy precipitation; if the temperatures keep rising, droughts and heatwaves will become more intense; if the temperatures continue rising, hurricanes will become more intense and deadly; if the temperatures continue rising, global sea level will rise one to four feet by the year 2100 in addition to the eight inches it has already grown since 1880; if the temperatures keep rising, eventually the Arctic will become ice-free, means less light is being absorbed by the ice, and the global temperatures will rise more.

   In November 2019, the U.S. officially asked to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. The Paris Agreement is an environmental accord that was adopted by nearly every nation with the goal to address climate change and the negative impacts that it could have on our world. There are currently 195 countries that have signed the agreement and aim to keep global temperatures from increasing. Although the United States is no longer in the Paris Climate Agreement, instead of abandoning the fight , many city, state, business, and civic leaders across the country are still actively trying to advocate and ramp up the efforts to advance towards clean energy in America.

   With the power of voting, this is something we could work to change. These detrimental changes could be completely avoided simply with the power of YOUR vote. In a short survey, 87.5% of individuals said that they believe in climate change, one of which being Lynn Lam ‘20. 

   To assist in the effort to resolve the climate change crisis, Lam stated in the survey that we can change by, “Pressuring corporations and billionaires to change their ways and live differently as a society to reduce waste.” Lam also stated that the issue of climate change will be on her mind during the upcoming presidential election.

   If you wish that things were different in this nation, 2020 is just the beginning of YOUR time to change it. According to McKinsey & Company, Generation Z is a generation that searches for truths. Generation Z expresses individual truths, connects to others through different truths, understands other peoples truths, and desires to unveil the truths behind all things. 2020 is the year for YOU to express YOUR truths. Go out there and make a change.


McKinsey & Company




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