Bad Boys for Life Movie Review

Shane Sellers, Entertainment Editor



   The movie that was almost 20 years in the making came out last weekend with rave reviews- and it was well deserved. Bad Boys for Life continued the comedic legacy that the action series is known for. The movies dry humor has the audience cracking up as they continued to watch in awe as Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), team up once again to take down the vicious leader of the Miami drug cartel. 

   The old-school cops are in a different stage in their lives than when we last left off in the second movie. Marcus is shown becoming a “pap-pap” in the beginning of the film, compared to where we last left offand his daughter is going on her first date. 

   During the film, we learn that Marcus has been mulling retirement. The audience understands Marcus’ desire to move on from his career into retirement as he has just become a grandpa; he is starting to lose touch with the job, and he has begun to learn the value of family.The old-school cops also are dealing with the reality that the department is evolving. Newly created elite team AMMO of the Miami police department have taken on the big cases that once were dominated by Mike and Marcus. 

   The guys are out celebrating their 20-year career when Mike and Marcus make a bet on who can beat each other in a race. Mike begins to outpace Marcus when he is suddenly drive-by shot by a motorcyclist. After getting shot three times, Mike is hospitalized and nearly dies. It is later discovered that the shooter, Armando Armas (Jacob Scipio), a crucial character in the story.

   The Armas family developed a vendetta against Lowrey as he was the one who killed Armando’s father. Isabella Aretas (Kate del Castillo), Armando’s mother, vowed to avenge her husband’s murder and gave her son the task of doing so by carrying out various attacks on those involved.

   Armas didn’t succeed in killing Lowery. Mike was left in a coma, with his best friend Marcus by his side. After the near-death of his best friend, Marcus decides to hang it up and retire from being a police officer. Once Lowrey gains his strength back, he begs Marcus to return for one last time to get revenge on the guy who shot him.

   After attacking Mike, Armas went on to kill the prosecutor and chief of police in Miami. Once ready to take on the gang members, Mike and Marcus, with the help of AMMO, make their way to Mexico City, where they will end this once and for all.

   Bad Boys for Life is a two-hour-long movie. However, due to the sudden, gut-wrenching action scenes, the audience is left begging for another sequel rather than wishing that the movie was over. 

   The hit movie debuted in theaters on January 17, 2020, the film wracked in the second-best ever January opening of $62 million for three days. The sequel should reach $90 million before the second weekend. 

   Indiewire, a movie economist site, predicts this upcoming weekend will hit a domestic total near $150 or 200 million. On movie tickets and rating site Fandango, “Bad Boys for Life” has a 97% audience score.

   Ultimately, the incredible film has the audience begging for a fourth film, and this time hopefully a tad sooner than what it took for this film to come out!