Minimum Wage

Carter Genslak, News & Photo Editor

   On January 1st, 2020, the state of Michigan increased the minimum wage from $9.45 to $9.65. For tipped workers, the wage will be $3.67. By 2021, the minimum wage will increase to $9.87 per hour. Raising the minimum wage will help  stimulate consumer spending and grow the economy. Approximately 2.6 million people in Michigan live off hourly wage. Here are a few people who were affected by this increase. LCN student Tyler Waters stated, “The new minimum wage affects me by helping me to save money for college because I’m able to put more money in my savings account.” Another LCN student Mark Renaud stated, “I think it’s good to raise the minimum wage every once in a while because it allows me to pay for my insurance and have more to save, but a few cents doesn’t create a major difference for me.”