Do Brand Names Matter?

Brenna Filbey, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Do brands matter? Should you pay more for brand names?

Food brands and brand names have always been coveted among the masses. But are they worth the money they cost? 


Yes: Brand names often have prestige in the form of cost. Brand names are worth it because the brand name usually also ensures better ingredients, and more often than not, higher priced items tend to be the healthier ones. Higher priced items usually are not only name brand, but also organic. Organic items have less pesticides (fruit and veggies), less harmful preservatives, and are better for a person’s overall health because of these things. Due to this, brand name items are worth the cost because you are paying for a better product. For example, the brands Lush and Sephora, you are definitely more likely to get a product well worth the cost. Lush products are vegetarian, handmade, and they try to always use biodegradable/ recyclable containers.


No: Brand names are not worth the extra cost. The extra cost is not something that everyone can afford, and sometimes, the product is not better. For example, in the case of produce, the cheaper cost can mean pesticides, but that also means the item may last slightly longer. Organic, more expensive items, tend to be very perishable if not consumed within a span of a few days. Arguably, the brand name is what you’re paying for- not the product. The “off-brand” product could be the exact same as the brand name product: the only difference is price. “Krogers “fruit loops” taste better than the actual “fruit loops” brand,” says Abigail Roberts, ‘20.


In the end, it’s really the consumers preference, but hopefully these observations have given you some food for thought.