Perks of the Plus: Disney + review

Brenna Filbey, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Disney+ has swept the world as the newest, hottest streaming service. At a cost of $6.99 per month, Disney+ carries some massive perks for paying so little.


  • Seven streaming accounts under one username:


The maximum number of separate accounts under one user name is seven, so if you take advantage of this, you’re roughly paying one dollar per account.


  • Most, if not all, Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and more shows/movies are on this platform:


This streaming service is only adding to their selection. They have movies ranging from Marvel movies to Disney Channel original series and movies. Everyday the service adds more films, with even more under the description “on the way! Will arrive: (date here).”


  • Four devices can stream at one time:


Disney+ allows up to four accounts to be streaming at one time. This allows for pretty much everyone in a family to stream all at once. They even have a Disney+ mobile app.


  • The nostalgia: 


Personally, Disney+ gives me a sense of nostalgia. It carries all of the childhood shows I grew up loving, so it really is “magical.”


  • The $12.99 bundle:


Disney+ also added an option where viewers could purchase Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN for $12.99 per month. This bundle has something for everyone, and each streaming service then only costs a little over three dollars each.


Considering everything above, Disney+ seems worth it. Will you hop on the Disney bandwagon?