Mr. Crusader interview Gavin Llewellyn


Gavin Llewellyn racing during the 2019 cross country regional. Photo credit: Jennifer Llewellyn

Dominic Comfort, Features Editor

What is your name and grade?

“My name is Gavin Llewellyn. I am a junior at LCN.”

What is your favorite memory from the year so far?

“My favorite memory is Cross Country. The entire season was just so much fun this year, and I had the best time.”

Which category are you looking forward to?

“I’m really looking forward to the talent competition and also the swimwear competition.”

How much money did you raise? 

“For the shirts, I raised a bit over a $100, and for the donation portion I raised over $300.”

What do you think about the competition (the other guys)?

“I think my competition is going to give it their all. Some guys are returning from last year, so they have the experience.  Other guys are just good at things like this. I still think I have what it takes to be a contender, though.”

What would it mean to win?

“For me, to win, would be amazing. I’m doing this for the people that donated and for my parents. I wouldn’t have made it in the competition without the people that donated.  My parents really helped me through the process, and they were always there for me. I want to win for my mom ; she will soon undergo surgery for her breast cancer, so it would mean a lot to win for her.”

Can you give us a hint about the talent?

“For my talent, I can say if I won the talent portion, it would be a slam dunk.”