Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Lynn Lam, Social Media Manager

   Every year, couples look forward to February 14th, known as Valentine’s Day. Even if you aren’t in a relationship, it’s a day to celebrate love, whether it’s romantic or otherwise, for couples, friends, and families. This Valentine’s Day, spend some quality time with your loved ones with some of these suggestions.


   Make food together: Valentine’s Day is often associated with buying chocolate, but why not make them yourselves? Bond with a loved one when making cookies or brownies this year. You can surprise someone by making their favorite meal for them, or even make each other’s favorite meals together. No matter what food you make, you’ll enjoy some quality time and have a delicious gift together in the end.


   Go to a restaurant: It’s a classic Valentine’s Day date! Lots of establishments have new treats for the holiday. Restaurants like Auntie Anne’s and California Pizza Kitchen are selling heart-shaped foods on the 14th, and Starbucks has red velvet foods and butterscotch drinks. Look up deals for a love-filled night.


   Have a night in: Put on a show or movie you’ve been meaning to watch and take a moment to relax in the presence of your loved ones. For added relaxation, get some cheap face masks at a nearby store and put on some cozy pajamas for a mini spa day. This activity would be fun with a group of friends or family members as well!


   Pick books out for each other: Visit a library or bookstore and pick books for each other! An adorable idea is surprising each other with books that you think your other half would enjoy, or books that you want to read together. Bookstores like Barnes & Noble also offer books on crafts, which you can put to use with a loved one as well.


   Get flowers together: Gift flowers to your other half, or visit a florist together. Viviano’s, Sunbright Flowers, and the Chesterfield Flower Shop are some nearby florist shops you can look at. If you’re looking for a quick and cheap purchase, flowers are available at stores such as Meijer or craft stores such as Hobby Lobby. Whether you get flowers together or just gift them to someone, they’ll appreciate the act; it shows that you care about them, and they get something pretty to decorate their house in the end!


   Visit each other: As people get jobs and join activities, our lives get busier, and it becomes harder to make time. Still, even if your loved one is working, you can pay them a visit! A parent, a friend, or a significant other would be ecstatic if you brought them a flower at work. A small act can go a long way; it shows that you’re still thinking of them and want to see them.