Is Valentine’s Day Overrated?

Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Co-Editor-in-Chief


   Chocolate covered strawberries, flowers, jewelry, and fancy restaurants symbolize Valentine’s day. Even though one often enjoys eating the delicious looking chocolate covered strawberries, the smell of roses, and going out to eat, all of these things don’t necessarily need to take place on February 14. This cupid esque holiday isn’t the only day where you can show your love to someone. Why do people portray “more” love on this day? 

   One should show love every single day to others. Surprising someone who you care about with a nice gesture is actually more meaningful than having someone surprise you on a particular day, just because of the holiday that everyone seems to participate in. There are times when we have bad, stressful, and chaotic days, and these are the days where we need/want to experience a nice gesture. 

   Additionally, the meaning of Valentine’s Day has evolved. Nowadays, society cannot wait to post what they got for the overrated holiday. Who got the most expensive stuff? Who got the most unique items? Who got the prettiest flowers? With this concept, Valentine’s Day seems to just be another word for materialistic, expensive, and attention seeking.

   Valentine’s Day ultimately takes all the credit for promoting people to act sweet towards others. 



   If we were to look at things through a different perspective, maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t such an overrated holiday after all. We celebrate Christmas on December 25th, where we give/receive gifts; therefore, why do we choose to give family members and friends gifts on that day? Why can’t it just be a random day? On January 1st, we celebrate a new year and make the decision of making a change, but people don’t necessarily need to wait until a new year approaches to make a change and become a better version of themselves. 

   Moreover, let us not forget the epic sales that take place after Valentine’s Day. Those 50%-75% off signs are definitely intriguing and are definitely not overrated. What’s wrong with saving money on candy? Scientifically speaking, chocolate triggers the release of feel-good chemicals, and the color red is associated with many positive emotions: energy, power, passion, etc.   

   At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and if we are celebrating Christmas and New Years (as well as other holidays), then why not express your love on Valentine’s Day?    

MAIN IDEA: For those who do think Valentine’s Day is overrated, why pour rain on the ones who don’t? If we think that Valentine’s Day is overrated, then we should just not celebrate it.