Tourist Destinations in Michigan


Makayla Nason, Reporter

   In a state where entertainment is scarce, or so we thought, Michigan has plenty of tourist places you can visit during the upcoming spring break.

   Everyone has heard about Mackinac Island, but what’s so great about it that everyone is rushing to visit? Mackinac Island is famous for it’s delicious chocolate fudge that is sold in shops all around. You also would be able to see the Grand Hotel, which five of our past presidents have stayed in. People usually walk, ride bikes, or take horse carriages around the Island. There is also a fort on the Island called Fort Holmes, which the British built in 1814 during the war of 1812. This island is ultimately full of rich history and sweets, and it is a fun place to take a vacation at.

   Higgins and Silver Lake is a popular campground and  lake, and tourist destination for most people who like seeing the beauty of Michigan. Silver lake is surrounded in Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, and Higgins Lake is a popular fishing, and canoeing spot. While you’re visiting Silver Lake, you can climb up the Stable Point Light House which is 108 feet tall. Based on reviews, the only scary part is the 130 steps that you climb up to the top. If you like to live in the nature, Higgins Lake and Silver Lake are good places to go camping at.

   Tahquamenon Falls, other wise known as Root Beer Falls, from its brown and red coloring, is a popular tourist place located within Tahquamenon Falls State Park. The park is between Newberry, Michigan, and Paradise. From Macomb, its about six hour drive, but the view is something to see.“Tahquamenon Falls is really good if you like chemistry. The trees have a chemical that dye the falls” Said LCN Olivia Ozga (class of 2023). So the next time you go to Paradise, make sure to check out the infamous Tahquamenon Falls and learn about the surrounding areas. 

   Torch Lake, also known as the caribbean of Michigan, is a clear blue lake located near Antrim county. This is a popular boating place that people visit in the summer time. People often visit for the beauty of the lake but you can also visit the tourist shops that are located around the area.

   Last but not least, one of the spots you should visit is the Great Lakes Ship Wreck Museme. There, you can learn about the boats and history that took place in our Great Lakes such as the Edmund Fitzgerald that sunk in November 10th 1975 in Lake superior. We were able to retrieve the bell from the ship wreck in 1994, and it is displayed in the Museme. Every year on November 10th, the bell is rung 23 times for the 23 lifes lost as there were no suriviors. Come visit the Great lake Ship Wreck museme the next time you’re in White fish Point Light Station, 11 miles from Paradise.

   All of these tourist spots are great options to visit if you need a change of scenery. These places have been known to be alot of fun and make for an amazing spring break.