Coming of Age

Aysha Hassan, '20 shares a picture from her childhood, as she remembers upon it.

Aysha Hassan, ’20 shares a picture from her childhood, as she remembers upon it.

Nina Goodwin, Business Manager

   As the months go by faster and faster, seniors are beginning to reflect on their childhoods and high school careers. Students are beginning to think about graduation, growing up, and their futures.

   The important dates are coming up quicker than we all think: May 1st is decision day, June 5th is graduation, and late August or early September is when the Fall semester begins.

   This inflicts many mixed emotions between the senior class. Some students are excited to move on and begin their future, while some are nervous to start their new journeys.  

   Aysha Hassan, ‘20 is ecstatic and ready to begin her life at Central Michigan University. She says, “I am ready for the change and ability to be responsible for my actions. I am also very ready to be completely independent and only have myself to rely on.” 

   Seniors like Hassan are ready to have some change in their life and are excited to take on new challenges and responsibilities. However, some students have reasons to not be as excited to grow up.

   Haven Noll, ‘20 shows her concern for graduating expressing, “I am still unsure of what I want to go into, and my major is still undecided.” Noll also expresses that she will miss the fun parts of high school: “I am really going to miss dressing up for spirit weeks and going to different school events like homecoming dances and football games. I also will miss being able to see my friends everyday in class and in the hallways, since we are all going our separate ways now.”

   With all of this talk about futures, students reflect on their past. Hassan remembers the first time she realized she was growing up, “I felt like I began growing up at the beginning of middle school, because for me that was the time when I had to step up and take care of myself knowing that others would not do it for me. That is why I’m so excited to move onto college, since I will have myself to rely on instead of others.”

   Noll also thinks back to the time when she first understood that she was growing up. “I realized I was finally beginning to grow up in eighth grade. My parents could not help me with my math homework because they did not understand what I was doing anymore.”

   As many of the seniors anticipate graduation, the class reminisces on their past and glances at their future.