LCN Students Travelling To Washington D.C.

Braden Krieger, Staff Writer

LCN students are welcome to come on the Washington D.C. trip through “Close-Up” a nonprofit organization. “Close-Up” is the largest citizenship education organization and is highly respected in the nation. They’ve been offering this trip to students and teachers since 1989. Over 25,000 students and teachers are included annually.
Mr. Boice, the government and AP government teacher here at LCN, takes the students who sign up on the trip. In 1994, Mr. Boice went on the same trip as a student. “It was one of the best high school experiences of my life. The experience I had with my close up program really affected my decision to become a teacher so I could give back to students what I learned,” he stated in a previous article that is included in the trip pamphlet.
The D.C. field trip is only available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. One must uphold a 2.0 gpa and not have excessive absences or tardies. Students will also need to receive a recommendation from their social studies teacher. The trip will be six days long, students will leave on February 23th, by airplane, and return to Michigan on the 28th.
The total price of the D.C. trip will be 1700-1800 dollars, there will be a payment plan for the parents and students to pay in smaller amounts over time, but there is a non-refundable down payment of 400 dollars. Different fundraisers will be available to help students raise money for their trip, including the world’s famous chocolate bar fundraiser. Benefits that others can get from students going on the trip is anyone who is not your intermediate family can donate to students for fundraising and they can deduct those expenses off on their taxes.
The price includes three meals a day, transportation around Washington D.C., instructors for all events, a nurse in case of any emergencies, security outside the hotel rooms, and entry fees for all activities and events.
Some of the activities and events include, theatre night, a farewell banquet and dance on the last day, interactive workshops and seminars with D.C. ‘insiders’, travelling to multiple monuments, memorials, museums, and a capital hill day with congressional meeting
Some interactive activities include a debate/discussion about history, and the process of government and current public policies. You will get to interact with the elected officials and appointed, influential policy makers. Buildings you are able visit include the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Museum of American Archives, the Arlington National Cemetery, and a spy museum. Memorials include the Lincoln, Roosevelt, Jefferson, and WWII memorials. Students will get to debate with each other about topics such as global warming, the health care bill, spending cuts in the department of defence, and gun control. You are also given the opportunity to witness a conservative vs. liberal debate about welfare, universal health care, saving energy, and the size of the government.