Garth Brooks


Carter Genslak

Garth Brooks at Ford Field

Carter Genslak, News Editor

On February 22nd, Garth Brooks made his first appearance since the back to back shows in 2015. This was Garth’s only stop in Michigan on his Stadium Tour. Tickets went on sale in late November with a price of $94.95, leading 70,000 tickets to sell out within 90 minutes. No matter front row or back row all tickets were one price. More tickets went on sale Friday and front row tickets were $6,000. 

    The line to get in the stadium was wrapped around Comerica Park. Garth Brooks opening act was Chase Rice. After Chase Rice left, a timer started for five minutes. As soon as the five minutes was up, a voice came over the speakers and said “Alexa, play Garth Brooks live.” the whole stadium lit up blue and the crowd started clapping and yelling. Garth started singing “All Day Long ” while coming out from under the stage. Every time he started a song, the crowd would finish for him.  

   He introduced his band starting from the newbies to the original band members. The newbies are from 1991. He sang a total of 29 songs. His last song before the encore was “The Dance.” He left the stage for about five minutes and then came back on. He called the encore “housekeeping”, he went around to almost every sign with a song name on it and sang it. Most of the songs he sang during housekeeping were slow. Some included: Belleau Wood, In Lonesome Dove, Mom, and Wrapped up in You. The final song of the night was “Standing Outside The Fire.” Garth went on about 8:30 pm and the concert ended at around 11:30 pm. The song “All American Kid” will be going on his live album. Each song is from a different stadium. Detroit will be on that album. In his recent Facebook live video, Garth said he wants a rematch with detroit! The stadium tour ends in 2022. Let’s hope he makes a Comeback.