The Communication Issue

Conner Simmons, Reporter

Communication is one of the many reasons the world keeps on going. Without it, every system could and probably would fail within days. Communication is key, but somehow LCN lost that message along the way.

This year is LCN’s worst year for letting staff and students know what’s going on with anything and everything that involves us. Although in the past communication has never been amazing, we at least had an idea on what was going on. However, this year the administration has been lacking on the amount of emails or even announcements they have given us. As graduation approaches fast, the seniors know little to nothing about it from the day it happens to where it is located. Communication is vital for those important events and we just are not getting what we need for such an important year.

Adding to the topic, cap and gowns was a huge issue for some of the seniors. We were told only a few days in advance that we had to pay for the outfit we are required to wear when we walk. Not only is this an inconvenience to the students, but to the parents as well. Not all the parents have the funds for last minute purchases and it can be irritating. When it comes to communication, doing your best is not good enough especially in a school setting. Hazel Harrison adds to the topic stating, “In my opinion the communication between administration and the students is often strained because students tend to find the way administration displays and communicates their rules unnecessary and annoying.”

As the year comes to an end there is not much that can change this year in terms of communication but for the sake of the next incoming class, it needs to change.