Freshmen Joining Villages

James Lamparski, Staff Writer

In 2016, L’Anse Creuse High School North (LCN) started villages to help build closer relationships between students and teachers. Along with building relationships, villages also help the school receive and higher rating and more funding from the company Advanced ED.

At the beginning of the school year sophomores, juniors, and seniors are given a list of different villages to choose from, and freshmen are placed into a freshmen house, which is exclusively freshmen and their link crew leaders.

This year freshmen are getting the opportunity to join a village after their ice cream social on February 14th, in previous years freshmen had their ice cream social at the end of the year with the other freshmen houses.

The teachers running freshmen houses chose what villages would be. Freshmen will have 18 different villages to choose from, including coloring club, game club, debate club, and mindful meditation. They are being asked to fill out an online form to choose which village they would like to be in.

Makayla Nason, a freshman at LCN said, “I feel like it’s going to be more entertaining and it gives more opportunities to do what I like doing, rather than watching a YouTube video about jelly beans.”