Self-care Importance

Nayely Espinoza-Perez, Co-Editor-in-Chief

  Self-care is important; it is the concept of maintaining a good relationship with yourself. Taking care of oneself is essential because it reminds one that their needs are important. Apart from taking care of ourselves and how it enhances our self-esteem, productivity, and provides us with better health, it also enables us to realize that sometimes we need a break and even more so when we come to realize that it is okay when we need a break. Mrs. Lammers, an A.P. Psychology teacher, says, “we need to learn how to say ‘no’ to protect ourselves when we have so much going on.”

   Self-care has several benefits. For instance, the moment we choose to take some time to ourselves and put everything else on hold is the moment we also bring our goals into better focus. The smallest things can contribute to one’s own well-being. Having a “Pamper Day” that includes doing a face mask, painting your nails, getting extra sleep, meditating, or anything that helps fulfill your needs, is essential. 

   Activities such as reading a book to escape reality, coloring to relieve stress, listening to music to distract ourselves, or just making sure we keep good hygiene are all ways to help ourselves stay in contact with what we like, and also who we want to be. 

   Lammers also shared that sleep is a major component that students forget to put as a priority because there are video games and Netflix that are hard stimuli to avoid. Additionally, Lammers proposes a solution by suggesting, “disconnect from social media even if it’s just for an hour at night, and use your support system [friends and family] when you’re feeling stressed out.”

   Additionally, some people take care of themselves by making physical changes. Whether it is changing the color of your hair, going to the gym to exercise, getting new clothes. These are things that people should treat themselves to! After putting so much effort into something, shouldn’t you allow yourself to enjoy small things? 

   Giving yourself some time alone allows you to reflect on your actions; therefore, keeping yourself in check and keeping a balance within your life. Brenna Filbey, ‘20, says, “Self Care is important because it allows me to reflect on whatever day it is and gives me time to take time to do the things that I like and want to do: it is time just for me, and I like it.”