Contagious Attitudes at LCN


Photos from Google Images

Nina Goodwin, Business Manager

LCN has been having a lot of mixed emotions within the school. Students have feelings of excitement, sadness, and frustration as the year continues. These cowboy emojis are how we have all been feeling lately.

There has been a lot of negativity floating around. Everyone is looking forward to the end of the school year, and we’re all ready for it to be summer. Just thinking about sunny days and fun nights makes us all miss those types of days. We can only anticipate their arrival. 



But at least there’s less than 70 days of school left, and the

second semester usually goes by much faster than the first. And if you are a senior, it is even less days than that. 



We all want it to be over though. Everything feels like it is harder to do and we are all losing motivation. As things are piling up, we feel like breaking down. Students and staff are tired with everything building up around the school. We all want days off, or snow days. Having a snow day sometime soon would sure be nice.





But charity week is soon! We get a week full of fun activities while giving back. So if you really think about it, it’s like a week off from school. Also, we have Tuesday, the 10th, off for election day, and half days on March 5th and 6th, so we’re vibing.





But then you realize that if it is supposed to be a fun-filled week at school, and is supposed to be about giving back, why do we have so many tests to take? Why are my teachers assigning so much work to do? Why do days seem to be getting longer and longer, and it is getting harder and harder to get out of bed? Do you know how bad I want to sleep in?




It is always around this point in time, though, when everyone seems to hit their breaking point (since the amount of tests and work keep increasing). Students are fed up with all their work, and the teachers are fed up with grading all of it. It seems to be an endless cycle of anger and frustration.



But then you remember that everything will be worth it at the end, since you put in so much effort this school year. Plus, there is less than 70 days of school left and everything will be okay come June.