All Your Questions About Charity Week Answered


This years Charity Week calendar!

Nina Goodwin, Business Manager

This year’s Charity Week begins on Saturday, March 7th. This fun week is starting off with a bang, with the addition of the Spring Formal that night. From the dance to the pep assembly, LCN will be trying to reach our sizable goal of $20,000 in total. 

Charity Week is one of the most cherished weeks in the school year, since there are so many events, and it gives students some different ways to stall learning. But how did LCN get into Charity Week in the first place?

Mrs. Rosa Hough, who is one of the leading advisors behind Charity Week, explains how Charity Week stemmed into what it is now: “A couple of years ago, Stuco [Student Council] attended some conferences and heard of Charity Week. The officers wanted to start this because they wanted to get more involved in giving back. We began working on it, and now it has been going on for three years.”

This year we are donating to two seperate charities, Rainbow Connection and Friends of Foster Kids. 

Hough says what each of the charities mean to LCN “Rainbow Connection is to help severely ill children. They have helped multiple students, at least three, from LCN before. Friends of Foster Kids is for kids in foster care that need help aging out of foster care, and need help to get on their feet after high school,” she says. 

Hough also emphasizes that they really wanted to choose between charities that had an overall theme of helping kids. “Both of the charities this year have a theme of giving back to children.”

In order to motivate students to donate, there will be different incentives given. This means that if the student body raises X amount of money, the staff members will complete a certain task. The list of incentives is still under construction, but we will know well before Charity Week which staff members will complete which tasks. Though the exact list is not known yet, some incentives from last year are leading into this year too. 

Our goal for this year is $20,000, but Hough expresses her hope in raising even more: “Ideally, we’ll be able to raise over $25,000.”

To help reach our schools goal, please consider donating in some way, shape, or form from March 7th to March 13th. Rainbow Connection and Friends of Foster Kids are amazing charities, and LCN should try to give as much money to them as possible!