Charity Week Incentives

Nina Goodwin, Business Manager

   Charity Week is officially here, and the LCN staff has a long list of incentives to encourage students to donate. As you may know by now, the two charities LCN will be donating all proceeds to are Rainbow Connection and Friends of Foster Kids. 

   Rainbow Connection makes dreams come true for kids who have severe illnesses. Friends of Foster Kids help kids who need assistance in aging out of foster care. Both charities have helped LCN students in the past, so here is our chance to give back!

   To motivate you to donate more, here is the list of incentives from the staff:

   Starting at $4,000 Mrs. Macomber will be duct taped to the gym wall during Friday’s assembly.  At $5,000, Mrs. Roggeman will get egged by three different students. Also, Mr. Battaglia will do Mrs. Mell and Mrs. Coleman’s makeup. At $8,000, Mrs. Hammes will wear lazy clothes for a day. At $10,000, a student will do Mrs. Missig’s makeup. Senor Johnson will also be wearing his lazy clothes to school. Lastly, Mr. Cook will dye his hair and beard. At $11,000, Mr. Laity and Mrs. Kahl will trade jobs for a day. At $12,000, Mr. Ebury will peirce one of his ears. At $13,000, Ms. Scapini will get covered in ice-cream ingredients. At $16,000, Mr. Nuechterlein and Vinny Longo will have a 3 point basketball contest and whoever loses will have to shave their head. At $18,000, Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Poljanac will dye their hair pink. At $20,000, Mr. Ekdahl will work a shift at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. At $25,000, Mrs. Luther and Mrs. Cardeccia will wear sumo wrestling suits for an entire day.

   Hopefully these incentives motivate you to donate, whether it be for Pet Wars, or any event throughout the week. LCN has already raised $10,000 so we are halfway there. See you at the assembly on Friday for the grand total!