LCHS Vs. LCN Staff Basketball Game Review


Nina Goodwin

Ms. Kayla Hagel leads the student section cheer by yelling, “I believe that we will win!”

Nina Goodwin, Business Manager

   The LCHS vs. LCN staff basketball game was on Monday, March 9th as one of the main events to help raise money for Charity Week. 

   The money was raised for both L’Anse Creuse and L’Anse Creuse North’s Charity Week, and was collected depending on which team the student or parent came to root for.

   To recap the scores throughout the game: At the end of the first quarter, LCHS had eight points and LCN had five points. By the end of the second quarter, LCHS had 17 points and LCN had 16 points. At the end of the third quarter, the two schools cleared the scoreboard and decided whichever team wins the last quarter will win the entire game.

   Fortunately, with this decision to restart, LCN was able to win. LCHS had four points and LCN had nine points at the final score.

   While LCN was losing for the majority of the game, and probably would have lost if it was not for the restart, the energy kept on coming from the crowd. Everyone was very positive and respectful to both teams, especially because it was all for fun and everything went towards both schools’ respective charities.

   The event was a major success, not only for LCN, but LCHS too. Each of the student sections were packed with students cheering for their favorite teachers the whole time.

   Students were cheering even more when the LCN staff dance team performed the dance from Get Your Head In The Game which is a popular scene from the Disney movie, High School Musical. The crowd was excited that the dance team performed something that nearly everyone knew and were able to dance and sing to as well. The dance was also very well done, and not one of the staff members lost a basketball in the middle of the performance, which seemed almost inevitable. 

   The best part of the entire event was getting to see all your favorite teachers and staff members play basketball, cheer on the sidelines, or perform in the halftime dance, all while proceeds were donated towards Charity Week. 

   The LCHS vs. LCN staff basketball game was definitely a fan-favorite event and raised a lot of money for our two charities: Rainbow Connection and Friends of Foster Kids. Hopefully, the two high schools continue to do this event for Charity Week, and make it a tradition for the years to come.

Nina Goodwin
Ms. Melissa Scapini recites every word from Troy’s monologue in Get Your Head In The Game perfectly.