“Schitt$ Creek”: the Final Season



The Rose family outside the Rosebud Motel

Brenna Filbey, Co-Editor-in-Chief

With the final season of “Schitt$ Creek” wrapping up on cable T.V., fans want to know when the final season of their favorite family will air on Netflix and other streaming services.

   To recap, Schitt$ Creek is a fairly rural, small town basically in the middle of nowhere. The wealthy Mr. Johnny Rose buys this town as a birthday present for his son, David Rose. Then, when the family’s accountant embezzled all of their money and runs away to a tropical paradise, the Roses’ belongings are repossessed by the FBI in a comedy-filled raid. The FBI allows the Roses’ to keep one asset: Schitt$ Creek.

    After living in a multi-story mansion with servants and lavish parties surrounding them, the family of four must make drastic changes when they downsize to the Schitt$ Creek Motel (later called the Rosebud Motel). Seasons 1-5 show how all four people slowly adjust to the change of pace, hilarious commentary and scenes included. The seasons also detail the romantic lives of David Rose and his drama-loving sister Alexis, who has traveled the world more than anyone in the family (with awkward and unsafe circumstances included).

    The final season details more on fan-favorite David as it focuses closely on the numerous and highly detailed wedding plans he and his fiancé  are making.

   Season six is set to release on Netflix in fall 2020.