A Formal Redemption: LCN Spring Formal Dance


LCN Spring Formal

Dominic Comfort, Features Editor

This past weekend, L’Anse Creuse North hosted their second school dance of the year, The LCN Charity Week Spring Formal. The dance kicked off at 6:30pm, and went until about 10:00pm.

One of the most exciting things about high school dances is the energy surrounding them. Excitement was in the air from the minute many students stood in line for entry wearing their formal attire. The usual sights that formal dances bring such as corsages’ on girls’ wrists, and bouttenaire’s pinned onto the suit of their dates, were plentiful as the dance had a fair turnout. With so much negativity surrounding the school lately, especially by upperclassmen, The dance gave everyone at LCN a chance to unwind, look ahead to the upcoming spring season, and have fun spending a night together in the gym.

The dance even brought some surprise guests, such as prominent Lutheran High School North Senior and 1st team All-Macomb-County 800m Track runner Chris Rupard, who attended the dance as a guest. Rupard commented on the dance, “(The dance) was a lot of fun. Especially as the night went on, more people showed up, and I had a good time.”

Many students felt that LCN redeemed themselves with the Spring Formal after hosting an underwhelming “Glowcoming” dance for Charity Week last year. Last year, the Glowcoming dance was moved to the cafeteria which felt strange and disappointing to many. This year however for The Spring Formal, students praised the fact that the dance felt like another Homecoming, taking place in the gym with formal attire. Sophomore Audrey Hartman commented on the dance saying, “(The Spring Formal) felt like another Homecoming. There wasn’t quite as many people, but it didn’t matter because it was a great time.”

Overall the students that attended the dance had a wonderful time, and the energy in the air was good. There are only so many High School dances, and there is nothing quite like the energy of a High School dance.

Features Editor Dominic Comfort (Left) with LHN Senior Chris Rupard


Opinions Editor Olivia Briggs pictured with Features Editor Dominic Comfort
Sophomores Jaida Golden & Olivia Briggs during The Spring Formal