The Pandemic Problem: Michigan’s Way Through


Nayely Espinoza-Perez

Coronavirus pandemic not only brings possible fatal outcome but also a new ‘fashion’ attire.

Conner Simmons, Reporter

    Coronavirus. The simple word that has been flooding our news channels as it ravages across the world. With little to no information about the new pandemic problem, people are terrified as it has been taking the lives of loved ones. The country is in a state of disarray and to make matters worse, our own state of Michigan is plagued with not only the virus itself, but also the thought of a long upcoming future with little hope in sight.

   Starting on December 31, 2019, the new virus, known as COVID-19, was discovered in Wuhan China. Since then, over 150 countries have been devastated with COVID-19, killing 7,873, and infecting almost 200,000 people worldwide. This includes our lovely mitten state Michigan. 

   On Thursday, March 12, Michaganders’ lives changed for the worse as Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that 12 cases in Michigan had been reported throughout many of our neighboring counties. As a result of this new scare to our public health, our Governor decidedly closed all K-12 school districts; private or public, to ensure the safety of not only the children but the parents as well. Schools all across the state have been closed until April 6–which is subject to change (depending on the safety of the staff and students).

   As a result of the pandemic, schools are not the only thing being affected. Stores across the state and the country have been wiped clean of supplies such as hand sanitizer, bleach, and even simple things such as water and toilet paper. Frozen foods

have been cleaned off the market as citizens prepare for self-quarantine. Whether these actions are necessary or not is a matter of opinion. However, it is clear that things are changing, and they are changing fast.

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  • No Alcohol at Meijer.

  • On March 13, 2020, LCN students left school due to the coronavirus in Michigan. Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced for all schools to be closed during this time.

  • This Meijer store had no water left due an extraordinary high demand for this product.

  • Aquafina water bottles (24 pack) seems to drastically increase in price with high demand. Picture was taken inside Walgreens.

  • Online orders (picture above) and the coronavirus are appearing to be directly related variables.

  • With the pandemic taking place, toilet paper is becoming scarce. The picture above features an aisle with no toilet paper available.

  • JCPenney stays open for one costumer in almost 6 hours.

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   Again on March 16, Governor Whitmer spoke again about the safety of our public health. The closing of public places is an attempt to lessen the probability of getting the virus and hopefully fuels some hope. In an attempt to flatten the curve, the Governor closed all dine-in places such as restaurants, casinos, bars, theaters, and fitness centers. Although drive-through options are still available, it is advised that Michiganders stay home and avoid contact. As of March 18, 65 cases have been reported in Michigan and are estimated to

continue to rise without the development of a vaccine.

   The question for everyone is, how do we prevent ourselves from contracting COVID-19? Although there is not a 100% option, the CDC suggests several options to lower your chances of acquiring the virus. First, they advise that everyone wash their hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of the virus to yourself and others. Second, many health officials have suggested practicing not touching your own face. The reasoning behind this is that the virus spreads through the nose, eyes, and mouth. Third, is social distancing from others in your community. What this means is to stay at least six feet away from others around you if you must go out, but it is advised that citizens just stay home. 

   Let’s remember that we are all in this together, and we all want a better outcome. Even though elderly people are mainly being the target, one shouldn’t be selfish and go out. This would only put other people’s lives

in jeopardy. To everyone, stay safe and stay healthy in this crisis, and most importantly work together to get through this.