NHS Coffee House Review


Nina Goodwin

The band, Strange Humors, with students Kylie Bedard, ‘20, Tyler Fici, ‘20, Raymond Loyal, ‘20, Tyler Reese, ‘20, and Christian Williams, ‘21 performs their piece that they planned to perform at States.

Nina Goodwin, Business Manager

   The National Honor Society sponsored Coffee House for Charity Week was on Wednesday, March 11th. The show included performances from LCN students. The students brought their talent to the stage by singing, playing instruments, and reciting poetry.

   The Coffee House was themed around the T.V. show Friends. Mugs and Friends stickers were being sold at the event to promote the Friends theme. Throughout the show there was coffee, tea, and baked goods being sold. At intermission, a Friends themed Kahoot was broadcasted for the crowd to take part in. 

   Aysha Hassan, ‘20 and Ameila Osadchuk, ‘21 were the MCs of the event. Both Hassan and Osadchuk did a great job and had the crowd laughing.

   The students who participated in performing during Coffee House were: Kylie Bedard, ‘20, Evlyn Dunnigan, ‘21, Tyler Fici, ‘20, Nina Goodwin, ‘20, Megan Houlihan, 21, Lynn Lam, ‘20, Raymond Loyal, ‘20, Haven Noll, ‘20, Tyler Reese, ‘20, Olivia Shank, ‘21, Sarah Switzer, ‘20, Monica Warren, ‘20, Christian Williams, ‘21, and Rachel Yung, ‘21.

   The event did not have as much of an outcome as Powerbuff or the LCHS vs LCN staff basketball game, but it was one of the most fun events to attend.

   All the performers were amazing, and despite the smaller crowd it was a very loud and supportive audience. The atmosphere was overall really great.

   It is sad that there was not as much as a turnout as expected because of how fun of a night it ended up being.

   Hopefully next year’s Charity Week Coffee House has a larger crowd to support the amazing talents LCN students perform.

Nina Goodwin
Collin Periatt, ‘20, Haven Noll, ‘20, Nina Goodwin, ‘20, and Delaney Hoffman, ‘20 jam out on stage together.