An Honest Review of Powderbuff


Nina Goodwin

The winning team, The Beastys, pose for a picture.

Nina Goodwin, Business Manager

   The Powderbuff tournament was held on Thursday, March 12th as one of the main events for Charity Week. Powderbuff is a volleyball tournament with the players being all boys and the coaches of their teams being the girls from the varsity volleyball team.

   There were six teams who participated in Powderbuff: The Beastys, The Fruit Ninjas, RCS, Red Team, Buff Babies, and Bump Chumps.

   The two games in the first round were The Beastys vs. RCS, and Bump Chumps vs. Red Team. The two winners were The Beastys and Bump Chumps. 

   The Beastys went on to face The Fruit Ninjas, and Bump Chumps faced Buff Babies. The winners of games in that second round were The Beastys and Buff Babies.

   This led to the last round where The Beastys played against Buff Babies. After an intense last game, The Beastys won.

   There was only one staff referee during the entire tournament, and the other side was refereed by a member of the Volleyball team. This caused multiple issues throughout the game such as endorsement of rules only when it benefitted the team with their friends, and cutting points in certain situations to help their friends win.

   The crowd picked up on this as well and was unhappy for the most part. It seemed unfair to have good plays from other teams be unrecognized and not counted for, just because the other teams “coaches” (which were also members of the LCN Volleyball team) told the “referees” that the point should go to their team. 

   The event did have a very good turnout, though, and many people were excited to see their friends play. Next year, if more staff referees are involved rather than volleyball players, the game will be more enjoyable and there will be an even greater turnout than there was this year.

   All in all, it was a successful event that raised a lot of money for our two charities: Rainbow Connection and Friends of Foster Kids. The proceeds raised for these wonderful charities are what matters the most, and LCN staff and students should be proud of the amounts we have raised.

Nina Goodwin
The filled out bracket of the teams who competed in the Powderbuff tournament.