It’s No Lie that One of Us is Lying is a Mystery Masterpiece

Liv Briggs, Opinions Editor

The book, One of Us is Lying, starts off with 5 people in a detention room. Addy, a popular, homecoming princess, Cooper, the star baseball player, Bronwyn, the good and smart girl, Nate, “the criminal element of Bayview”, and most importantly, Simon, who runs a gossip site called About That. 

   Simon never makes it out of the room, and it wasn’t an accident. All of the other four have reasons to kill Simon. Dirty secrets from the past that Simon dug up and planned to post on About That the very next day. 

   From the very first page, you’ll be instantly intrigued. You can tell author Katherine McManus has weaved tiny details into the book, making sure that if you pay attention, you can solve it. Trust me, the ending will shock you.

   The book is told by the points of view of the four main characters. From the day I got the book, my schedule stayed the same. I was glued to the book, and I’m sure you will too if you allow yourself to read this novel. 

   Nobody is what they seem in One of Us is Lying, which is what makes it so unpredictable—the suspense is surely built. The posts Simon planned to put up on About That wasn’t just ‘juicy gossip’, they was dirty secrets that they’d do anything to hide including all the following: cheating on a boyfriend, cheating on tests, drug charges, steroid usage in sports, and even outing one of the other characters who is still in the closet. But in order to solve this mystery, you have to look at the whole picture, including other, sketchy characters who aren’t the main four.

      If you are looking for a mysterious, extremely well-written novel, or just a new book in general, I strongly recommend this book. This isn’t just any teen drama meets murder mystery book. It is so much more. One of Us Is Lying is a web, with tiny details and clues spun into it.