Charity Week Therapy Dog Session Review


Owen Clark, ‘21, Haven Noll, ‘20, Olivia Shank, ‘21, and Nina Goodwin, ‘20 pose with therapy dog, Karly.

Nina Goodwin, Business Manager

   During the school day on Wednesday, March 11th, LCN’s Student Council held therapy dog sessions to raise money for Charity Week.

   To go to one of these sessions, you would have to purchase a ticket for either you or a group for a designated time period. 

   When students arrived at the session, they would be able to pet and play with the dogs. Some students would also be able to have the dogs perform tricks, and feed them treats. 

   There were three dogs, so each smaller group had a dog to pet. 

   This event was probably the most favorable, even though it could only allow a limited amount of students. It was a relaxing time that was filled with smiles.

   Hopefully, LCN’s Student Council continues to hold therapy dog sessions during Charity Week in the future, so more students have the opportunity to experience this amazing event.