Cavetown and his new single: Sweet Tooth


Cavetown, aka Robbie Skinner

Braden Krieger, Staff Writer

Robin Skinner created Cavetown when he was 13 while living with his parents in Cambridge, England. Music runs in the family: his father is a Music Professor at Cambridge University. Skinner started his career on YouTube to reach fans with his music. His YouTube channel started with vlogs, covers of other musicians’ songs, Q&A’s, chats, and original songs. Skinner’s music is self produced and originally written by himself.
In 2018, Skinner played sold out shows, and his fame proceeded to increase. He then went on to do an international tour that included the United Kingdom and the United States. He also participated in many festivals, such as Shaky Knees, TRNSMT, and the Ohana
Festival which are located in the UK.
Skinner’s latest work- with a major label, Sire Records- is his debut album, ‘SLEEPYHEAD.’ The release date is scheduled for March 27th, 2020. All his work continues to be recorded, produced, written, and mixed by Skinner himself in his own apartment located in London. “I have trouble with romantic love; I’d never really felt it,” he says about ‘Sweet Tooth’, that he wrote on a night he could not sleep.
“I equate it to being more of a savory person, but I felt like I’d gotten a new taste for sweetness. I have a sweet tooth for him and no one else,” Skinner finished, talking about his boyfriend.
“Ultimately, everyone has the same struggles when we boil it down, even if the details are different,” he says. “That’s what I’m trying to get across with my music. It’s basically just me telling myself what I need to hear.”
From an audience’s point of view, his song represents feeling lost in the world and being uncertain with yourself. Being able to find someone new. The love from them is sweet and pure; different from what you have found in other people. Admitting to yourself that you like them and not knowing if the person you love, loves you just the way you do and seeking for the answer, falling deeper in a pit of sweetness of love.